The Artist Resource Center (ARC) is a not-for-profit facility that provides artists with the tools and knowledge to grow in their craft, with practical training in both the creative and the business sides of the entertainment industry. The ARC also serves as a production house for inspirational music and film endeavors, and will provide our community with instructional space, training workshops and artistic development modules, all in a tranquil atmosphere that will inspire the creation of content that will advance the cause of good.

We serve a community of creative individuals with immeasurable amounts of talent in the arts & entertainment world, many of whom don’t always have the access to resources to bring that creativity to fruition. The goal of the ARC is to help artists discover their purpose in life, develop their talents, and in turn, bless the world with the realized creations.

These rules and regulations are set in place to protect the integrity of the atmosphere and its inhabitants, as well as the equipment and furniture. Activities that are considered to be abusive and/or disrespectful to the ARC staff, patrons, and equipment are unacceptable, and such activities will result in expulsion from the premises and denial of future use of the facilities.

  • Please refrain from profane language
  • Alcohol, drugs, or illegal substances of any kind are not allowed on the premises
  • No inappropriate media (music, movies, photos, websites, etc.)
  • Everyone must sign in at the front desk
  • All food and beverages must be consumed in the kitchen
    (Exceptions include bottled water, group luncheons & authorized business meetings)
  • Please return the space to a condition better than you found it
  • All trash bins should be emptied whenever full
  • Furniture should be returned to original state (position and cleanliness.
  • No animals of any kind allowed on the premises
  • Unruly behavior is unacceptable
  • Be respectful of the ARC facilities and its inhabitants
  1. Everyone must sign in at the front desk.
  2. No gum, food or drink allowed in the computer lab.
  3. No cellphone use allowed in the computer lab.
  4. Do not leave any files on the computer. Anything left on the hard drive will be deleted at the end of each day, no exceptions. Jump drives & CD-Rs are available for purchase.
  5. Do not download and/or install any software, torrents, unauthorized files, or modify or delete any system files on any lab computers. Software may be installed by staff only.
  6. Acceptable program file formats:
    • Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook)
    • ProTools sessions
    • Logic Pro sessions
    • Final Cut sessions
    • Adobe documents (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc.)
    • Audio Files (mp3, aac, wav, aiff, flac, etc.)
    • Video Files (mp4, m4v, mov, avi, etc.)
    • Photo Files (jpg, gif, psd, pdf, raw)
  7. Respect the equipment. Please do not remove or disconnect any labels, parts or cables.
  8. Electronic devices (i.e. headphones, mp3 players, etc.) should be used quietly and on a professional level, as to not disturb the other patrons.
  9. The policies of the ARC require compliance with all U.S. copyright laws. Unlawful use of any copyrighted materials (music, movies, software, etc.) in the labs is forbidden.

Activities that are considered to be abusive to the software and hardware, and/or disrespectful to the ARC staff and patrons, will not be tolerated. Such activities may result in expulsion from the premises and denial of future use of the facilities.